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There’s no better way to let friends, family and loved ones know that you’re thinking of them than with a great greeting card. American Greetings ( makes it easy with their beautiful and thoughtful ecards and printable greeting cards. Because you can choose to deliver e-cards to either email or via Facebook, everyone can share in the meaningful gesture. The American Greetings login portal shows exactly what you have to do to send the cards.

Let a special someone in your life know how much they mean to you by sending them a personalized card today. Use our easy guide to access your American Greetings account.

American Greetings Login Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Purchase exclusive cards, send ecards or print out your own designs with your American Greetings account.

  1. Open your computer’s browser and navigate to the American Greetings homepage,
  2. Click the link labeled “Sign In” at the top of your screen.American Greetings Login Step 1
  3. Type your email address and password into the appropriately marked fields or the American Greetings sign in menu.
  4. Check the box labeled “Remember Me”.
  5. Click the red button marked “Sign In”.American Greetings Login Step 2

Once you’ve logged in, you have access to thousands of different greeting card designs. You can choose to sort them by occasion or sentiment and send them to anyone you wish.

American Greetings Mobile Login Walkthrough

If you want to be able to send the highest-quality greeting cards while on the go, American Greetings has several great mobile options. Their desktop site is configured so that it reads very well on a mobile browser. They also offer several different Apple and Android apps.

To log in to your American Greetings account via your mobile browser, follow the directions below:

  1. Open the American Greetings website from your mobile browser. The mobile optimized version of the website will load automatically.
  2. Tap the log in button to access the American Greetings login menu
  3. Type in your login credentials in the appropriate spaces
  4. Tap the red button to verify your credentials.

If you prefer a more streamlined mobile experience, try their apps for tablets or phones. Be aware that while the Apple app is called “American Greetings”, the Android version is called “justWink”. You can use the same email address and password with the justWink app as your American Greetings account.

American Greetings Mobile Login Walkthrough for Apple Devices

  1. Download the American Greetings app from the App Store.
  2. Open the app to install.
  3. Type your email address and password into the provided fields.
  4. Tap the button marked “Sign In”.

American Greetings Mobile Login Walkthrough for Android Devices

  1. Download the justWink app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the American Greetings app icon to open and install.
  3. Enter your email address and password into the American Greetings sign in menu.
  4. Complete the login by tapping the “Sign In” button.

American Greetings Login Possible Issues

American Greetings is committed to helping you communicate your affection to loved ones. If you experience any trouble with the American Greetings login process or sending your selected cards, they have several ways to help. You can send an email via their online submission form. American Greeting customer service typically replies within a business day. You can also call their support line. The American Greetins customer service phone number is 1-800-711-4474. An American Greetings customer service representative will be there to respond during regular business hours. If you prefer to troubleshoot problems yourself, check out their help center and see if your question has already been answered. You can find the Help Center on their main website,

Quick and Useful Information

Sending a personalized greeting card has never been faster or easier. With their ecards, printables and online shop, American Greetings takes the work out of letting someone know you’re thinking of them. With fun interactive and video ecards, you can send an interesting message that will definitely be talked about.

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