Columbia Gas Login Guide

Columbia Gas Login Guide

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Columbia Gas Company is a natural gas company owned by NiSource. The
company has several other small companies that serve respective states of
Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Ohio. Each of these companies has
their respective websites to help their customers in individual states. However, all of
the sites are similar.

The company customers open and manage their accounts online. They can stop the
service, view their bills and even make payments on their accounts. There are also
tools for landlords in the online account. This guide assists in helping you with the
steps it takes to login to your account if you are their customer in any of the states
mentioned above.

Step by step processes of logging into your account

As mentioned above, customers are registered in their prospective states. Therefore,
your account is likely to be in one of the states mentioned above. To access the
website where you can log in, head to the main website and then scroll down to the
bottom of the page. You will find links to individual state companies. Click the link that
takes you to your state company.

The login link is usually found on the top right-hand corner of the website. Some sites
like the Ohio state have the login page on their homepage. You have to register an
account before you can log in. The link to register an account with the company is
found on the login page just below the login buttons.

Registering an account

If you would like to register an account, you start by clicking the register account link.
The links open up to the user information page. In the page, you will be required to
put user information that includes your first and last name, your email address and
verification of the same.

You are also required to enter the security information. This includes the user ID and
password. However, you must verify your password. You are also required to select
a security question from the list of security questions. You will then provide an
answer to the question you picked. This helps in the recovery of your account.
Therefore, ensure that you select a question with the answer that you can recall even

after several years. Some of the questions asked in the security challenge questions
include the following:

● What is your mother’s maiden name
● What’s your pet’s name
● What is your birthplace

It is recommended that you answer your question with the right information. Correct
answers are easier to recall than guesswork and some random answers. The next
step of your registration process is to verify the user information.

Here you will give your customer number and other details so that the company can
connect you with your account on the site. Once you are done with the process. You
will get a confirmation that your account has been registered. You will get a similar
message on your email address along with your account credentials. Please save the
information in the mail. You may need some of the information if you happen to lose
access your account.

Columbia gas login guide

Here’s how to log in.
Start by opening the Columbia company website in your state.
You can access the site by searching the website on Google search by starting with
the name of the company followed by the state. The link to the site should be among
the first three search results that you get. Alternatively, you can head to the Columbia
gas company website at and scroll to the base of the
account and click on the link that leads to the site where you live. You cannot access
the account from any site except where you are registered.

Click the login tab on the top right-hand side of the account
Some of the websites have the login page at the homepage. Whichever the case,
you will be sent to the login page where you can put your details.
Enter your username in the first blank field

You created the username when you registered your account. If you have forgotten
your username, you can get the details in the email you first received after registering
an online account.

To access the email with ease, login to the email account that you used to register
your account. Then, write the name of the company is the search box at the top of

the inbox page. Scroll through the results until you get the email you first received
when you registered. It has the login details.

Fill your password in the field below it.

You should enter the password as you created it during the registration of the
account. Be careful with caps and special characters. Capitalize the letters that you
did when creating your password. Ensure that you have also put the right characters
as you did when creating the password

Click the login button

You will often find a locked padlock side on the side of the login page before logging
into your account. The padlock will open when you log in correctly. If either the
username or the password is inaccurate, you will get a notification telling that either
the password or the username is wrong. You can retry entering your credentials as
stated in this guide.

Sometimes, you may get a notification asking you to prove that you are not a robot. It
may ask you to put the numbers shown in an image or click s images in the image
tiles presented. The specific photos could be anything from cars to bridges or road
signs. This extra layer of security ensures that software loggers and other internet
crawlers do not impersonate you and access your account.

How to log in from a mobile device

The Columbia gas company does not have a dedicated app for its customers.
However, it has a mobile site for smartphone and tablet users. Every time you access
the account through your mobile phone, you’ll have access to the mobile site.
Accessing the mobile site is similar to accessing the online account with slight
differences. Here are the steps.

1. Open the mobile phone’s internet browser app
2. Head to company website and scroll to the bottom
of the page to the state websites. You can also follow the steps above to gets
the website.
3. Click on the login page on the left-hand side of the page
4. On the login page, fill your username and password as explained above
5. Click the login button to access your account.

What if you forgot your login details?

You can recover your account if you forgot your login details. Here is how to go about
1. Click the Forget your password link on the login page

The link is located just above the respective login fields of username and password.
You will be taken to a password recover page which will guide you through the steps
to recover your account as explained below.

2. Fill your details

You will be asked to enter your details such as your user Id, first and last name as
well as the email address that you used to register your account.
Once you are done filling the details, click the next button at the bottom of the page.
You will be taken to the next page to answer the challenge question.

3. Fill the answer to the challenge question that you created during registration.

The answer must be the answer that you gave during registration for you to
proceed to the next process of the account recovery.
On answering the question correctly, click the next button

4. In this page, you will be asked to reset your password.

Create a strong password which is a combination of capital letters, small letters,
numbers, and special characters. You will the refill the password in the confirmation
period to ensure that you still remember what you entered in the first instance.

5. Click the finish button after you are done

You will get a confirmation on the page that you have successfully changed your
password. You’ll get a similar message to the email address you used to register the
account. You can now close the page and use the password that you have just
created to access the account using login steps discussed.

Tips on keeping your password safe

● Do not share your password with anyone.
● You should not write the password among other personal notes as someone
may see and use it
● Notify the customer service if you suspect that your account has issues
● If you are using a shared computer, do not save your password with the browser
when prompted to do so.

● Always log out after you have finished using the online account to avoid
unauthorized access.

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