MagicJack Login Guide

MagicJack Login Guide

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Meta: Having trouble login into your account? Read on to learn how you can login to
your phone accounts in a few steps.

MagicJack is an affordable VOIP provider that uses an existing internet connection to make and
receive calls. You’ll need a USB drive that acts as plug and play devices that connect to your
computer to start making calls. If you want to get started with MagicJack, you’ll need to create
an account, which you can log in to access the settings and view your account details.
However, if the MagicJack login procedure is a mystery, you’ll find it hard to extend your
subscription, add funds for international calls, or control other features like voicemail.

How Does MagicJack Work?
The MagicJack gadget works when you plug it in a computer’s USB port and connect it to the
internet. You’ll find a standard phone jack on the other side of the gadget. With this, you can
plug in the phone and make calls.

However, one downside is that you need to leave the computer on all the time to receive calls.
You can use the device to send unlimited messages, and it works well with a Wi-Fi connection.

Why is My MagicJack Login Information Useful?
You can access many functions within your account; this allows you to have control over your
MJ phone line. Once you log in, you set up an email address to receive the company’s
notifications. Also, you can receive voicemail notifications.

When your subscription runs out, you need to login to renew and extend the service time.
Furthermore, you can change your number by accessing the settings on your account. You can
also locate other useful functions via my MagicJack account like:

● Receiving notifications on new device releases
● obtaining warranty claims
● Upgrading to a different device
● Addition of prepaid international minutes to your account
● Getting notifications about a new device release
● obtaining notifications on discounted renewal pricing for existing customers

While logging in to your MagicJack account should be easy, most people have difficulties.

Step by Step, Guide on How to Login to your MagicJack Account
Here are the steps on how to login to your account.
You’ll first need to get to the main login page ( You’ll be able to view
the login page once you click on the button at the end.

Enter your email address or MagicJack telephone number once you get to the login page. Enter
the password you used to register your account. Note that the passwords are case sensitive as
this helps to protect your security.

When done, hit enter on your computer keyboard. Alternatively, you can click the login button on
the website to access your MagicJack account.

No Device and New to MagicJack?
As a new member without a device or a MagicJack account, you’ll need to visit the company’s
official site. You’ll notice a start trail button at the top. The company has a 30-day free trial for
every new customer; this allows you to test how the account works.

Follow the directions to finish your order and you’ll have the device shipped to your location
within a few days.

Have a Device and New to MagicJack?
If you already have a MagicJack device but haven’t activated your account, you’ll need to go
through a process that takes a few minutes. However, note that you need to do this before 48 or
30 minutes of talk time

To get started, visit the official site near the top and click on the activate button on the main
menu bar. You’ll be redirected to a registration page, follow the prompts to get your device
running. At this point, you can customize your settings and functions as you desire.

Once you click to activate, you’ll need to plug in the device into a USB port on your computer.
Click the green detect device button on the site, which once detected will begin the MJREG
installation. You’ll be notified that various drivers are now downloading. The process that
includes firmware updates take a few minutes, and you’re finished.

After you register the device, it’s time to get an account. You’ll have to answer questions on
your email address, billing information, password preferences, and more. Once done with the
questions, continue through the subsequent steps.

Click create my account button to submit your information. You’ll receive an activation code to
the email used to sign up. Enter the code and activate your device by clicking on the blue button
on your device.

Login in with a Used MagicJack Account
If you got the device from another person, you’d need their password and email address to
access their account. Unfortunately, if you don’t have these details, you may find it difficult to log
in to the MagicJack account.

Once you’re on the login page and signed in, link your email address as a secondary address to
receive notifications from MagicJack. Also, you can set your email as the only email to receive
future emails. However, you cannot change or remove the old email.

What if You Forgot Your Password?
You may need to reset your password if you’re having problems accessing your account.
Fortunately, the process is easy and takes a few seconds. You’ll need to click on forgot
password and enter your phone accounts number or email address.

Go to your email where you’ll find an email with your password. If you still can’t log in using the
new password, contact customer support for further directions.

Accessing MagicJack for Business Account
The process of logging in if you have a business MagicJack account is simple. All you need is to
access the main business page ( At this point, you’ll go to
the login page. Where you can use your registration details to access your account. Although
the interface is different, you can still use the above steps to reset or retrieve your password.
Also, you can troubleshoot any device problems and find your username if you forgot it.

Common MagicJack Login Problems
Here are some common issues people face when trying to login in to MagicJack.
Computer’s USB Port Doesn’t See the MagicJack dongle
If you realize that, the computer’s USB port doesn’t recognize the dongle, shut down the
computer and put the device in another port. You can switch the MagicJack with another USB
device. Reboot your computer; it should detect the device, after which the installation process

I have a Problem with my USB Cables
Some users find out that the cable that ships with the MagicJack device doesn’t work. If you
encounter this problem, find a place you can install the device without the USB. Also, you need
to ensure that the USB port has enough power to operate. Although the ports on a laptop and a
PC will have power, USB splitters are underpowered.

If you’re not sure if your port has adequate power, connect it to a powered USB hub. Access the
device manager through the control panel for Windows and expand the USB section. Delete any
USB devices and reboot your computer All the USB devices will reinstall at boot-up.

Also, there’s a possibility that the device may have malfunctioned if the USB ports do not
recognize it. You may want to connect it to a different computer to see if the problem persists.

I didn’t receive any login Code or Password

While the MagicJack app is free, the service is not. For you to use the app, you’ll have to buy
the service. You’ll need a phone number to receive phone calls, which will cost you $3 annually.
Also, you’ll need a calling plan which costs $20 a year.

Can I Use my MagicJack Without the Internet?
Although the previous MagicJack required you to have the computer on all the time and with an
active internet connection, MagicJack and allows you to connect it directly to a router without
using a computer. However, you will need to have an active internet connection.

How Can I Access MagicJack Customer Service?
While MagicJack doesn’t have phone accounts support, the company provides chat support.
The reasons for this is because they have affordable services and most users won’t likely have
a working phone.

My Softphone Screen Disappears and Reappears

If you notice that, the softphone screen disappears and reapers, you’ll need to unplug the
device from your computer. Take a few minutes and insert the device into the port, wait for it to

I’m Experiencing Poor Sound Quality

If you’re experiencing poor voice quality or lack of clarity, check the volume control on the
screen’s menu and adjust the volume. Sometimes you may not notice a difference, and you
may need to connect the device to another USB port.

I keep getting MagicJack error 404
If you’re getting error 404 when connecting your device, go to the control panel, click on internet
options and tap on the connections tab. Go to the LAN settings and ensure that the box under
the proxy server is not part of the list. Also, you may opt for automatically detect settings.

MagicJack is a fantastic device that can help you make calls cheaply and access your phone
accounts. However, you may find it difficult to log in to your account. Follow the above steps to
log in into your account. In case of any other issue, contact customer service via their chat

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