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Pandora is an online radio that features a variety of music genres to meet the requirements of all listeners. To help their users quickly find and access their favorite songs, the company has created the Pandora Login portal which can easily be accessed on your computer screen, mobile device (iPhone or Android), tablet or iPad, and even from your car.

The free radio offers a few categories such as Today Hits, Oldies, Classical and even Christian music in order to appeal to a range of listeners. Pandora is easy to access and use, and a highly customizable tool that will change the way you listen to music.

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Even though the Pandora radio login process is not very difficult, first-time users may find it challenging. To help anyone who wants to login into their account without wasting time aimlessly browsing the Internet, we have a created a step by step guide that will show you how to successfully use the Pandora music login portal.

How to Login to My Account

As we have already mentioned, the Pandora login process is not at all complicated. However, a few basic requirements must be met before attempting to set up your account or log in to Pandora. Below, we will highlight the steps you have to take in order to achieve your login quickly and without any issues.

We recommend following our guidelines to find the right Pandora login page and succeed to create your account and manage it without problems.

Official Pandora Login Page


  • Access the Internet. Although it might seem obvious, an Internet connection is mandatory for any online login. However, it is important to make sure that you access the Internet through a secure and safe network in order to avoid any privacy issues. It is preferable to use your own network and not a public one for the same reasons.
  • Use a Safe Device. Not only your connection has to be secure, but the device you are using should be too. As you will provide personal information on the next stages of your login process, you should always make sure that the computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone you are using is a personal and not a shared one.
  • Go to the official Pandora login page. After you have checked both your connection and your device, you are ready to access the official www.pandora login page. You can either click this link we have provided, or you can copy and paste the link directly into your browser’s navigation bar.
  • Register If You Are a First-Time User. First-time users need to register in order to create their account. There is no reason to worry, as the registration process is straightforward and accessible to anyone. Simply click the register link next to the white text that says “Create an account for free” and then follow provided instructions.
  • Provide Your Credentials. After you have finished registering, next you will be taken to the login page where you need to provide a set of credentials. The purpose of this process is to identify yourself and gain access to your recently created login Pandora account, so carefully type in your e-mail address and associated password.
  • Choose the right Remember Me Option. Before signing in you will notice that under the password box, there is a Remember me box that you can tick or not. If you are accessing the Pandora login screen from a personal device, you can safely check the box, but if not it is recommended to uncheck it.
  • Sign In. Now that you have filled in the credentials boxes, you are ready to click the Sign in button you will see at the bottom of your screen.
  • Enjoy Your Time on Pandora! All you need to do after setting up and accessing your Pandora login account is enjoy the platform. Browse, explore and search for your favorite music and artists in order to discover the best stations for you to listen to!

Pandora Login Password Issues

There might be instances when for various reasons you can’t access your Pandora account login. Most of the times, these issues have to do with connectivity problems, outdated browsers, but mainly password issues.

As it is a normal and quite common occurrence for users to forget or lose their passwords, all sites have a password recovery option incorporated. Luckily, in the case of login page, the process of requiring and receiving a new password is not at all complicated. However, we will explain below the steps you have to take in order to solve this common Pandora radio login problem.

Pandora Login Forgotten Password

  • Retype Credentials. The first step is to actually make sure that you lost your password, and it’s not just a spelling mistake. We recommend returning to the official Pandora Login Page and retyping your credentials as you remember them to check if your password is really lost.
  • Try to Sign in Again. After you have typed in your credentials and checked the spelling, click the Sign In button again. If you are lucky, it is just a typo, but if not, all you need to do is request a new password.
  • Click the Forgot Password Link. This step is a little trickier as the Forgot Password link might be slightly difficult to find. On the right of the Password box, there is a small blue link that says Forgot Password, find it and click it. You can simply click the link we have provided to save time!
  • Reset Lost Password. In order to reset your password, you will need to provide your valid, current email address. Carefully type it in the Your Email box and then click Email Me.
  • Request an e-mail with a New Password. After you have done all the above, all you need to do is wait for the email to be sent from Pandora login team. Make sure to follow the new instructions included with the email in order to receive a new password.

As you have seen, the password recovery process with the Pandora internet radio login is by no means complicated, so if you face such issues just return to our previous section. Follow our recommendations to quickly recover a forgotten or lost password and regain access to your radio account. We hope that our complete Pandora login guide proved to be helpful, and you will easily manage to access your online profile.

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