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Parkland Webmail Login Guide

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Parkland college offers a variety of programs and educational resources to its students. Both students and faculty members at Parkland college can use the Parkland webmail servers to send and receive messages.

Any person who works at or attends Parkland can have a webmail account there. If you are having trouble with the Parkland webmail login, keep reading this article. It will show you simple and easy instructions for logging in to your Parkland webmail account.

Parkland Webmail Login Step-by-step Walkthrough

Once you enroll at Parkland, you can start using the webmail services. You reach it by logging in to the MyParkland service that provides schedules, email, and learning resources. Here’s how you log in to the school’s webmail services from a computer.

  1. Open your preferred web browser and type into your web browser.
  2. Enter your Parkland username into the box that says “Username”. If you do not know your username, you can look it up by entering your student information in the Parkland username lookup service here:
  3. Type your password for your Parkland account into the box that says “Password”.
  4. Click on the blue button that says “Sign In” to reach your webmail account.

Parkland Webmail Login

Parkland Webmail Mobile Login Step-by-step Walkthrough

If you want to reach your Parkland account from your phone, you can use the web browser to reach the website. So far, Parkland College has not developed any sort of app that you can download. However, you can still use most of the webmail’s useful features from your cell phone if it has an internet browser. Here’s how you login to your webmail with an Android or Iphone smartphone.

  1. Tap the icon for your preferred smartphone web browser, such as Safari or Chrome.
  2. Enter into the browser’s address bar to reach the login page for Parkland students and faculty.
  3. Type the same username you use to login from a computer into the box labeled “Username”.
  4. Use the password for your webmail account to fill in the box labeled “Password”.
  5. Tap the button that reads “Sign In” to finish logging in and go to your webmail account.

Parkland Webmail Login Possible Issues

If you forget your password, Parkland allows students and faculty to reset their password at You can visit the online Tech Service Desk for help with any other issues that you face while trying to login. This area provides informative guides for using and troubleshooting all of Parkland’s online services. You can also fill out a Tech Service Desk Request form for individualized help.

Quick & Useful Information

To reach your Parkland webmail account, you just need to follow the login walkthrough in this article. Once you are logged in, your Parkland webmail will be one of the options on the main menu. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this article, you can easily reach the Parkland Tech assistance team.
Parkland Tech Team Phone Number: 217-353-3333
Parkland Tech Team Email Address: [email protected]
Parkland Tech Team Physical Location: Building A184 between 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Thursday

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