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Samsung Account Login

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Samsung provides a mountain’s worth of technology across the globe.

If you happen to have an account with them, you may be interested in knowing precisely how you can log into their website. There’s no use in having an account you don’t know how to access, after all.

This guide will assist you by providing a step-by-step instruction toward accessing the Samsung account login.

How to Log in from Their Main Portal

If you’re trying to figure out how precisely to access your account, it’s a safe bet to say you’ve already registered with Samsung.

If you haven’t, that may be something you should do before this guide is of any use to you. To reach your account, you’ll need to find your way to their site first, of course.

If you feel like you might be lost, you can be sure you’re in the right place if you see “Samsung” headlining the top of the page.

1. Start Off with Their Website

If you’re going to make your way to the Samsung website, you’re going to have to start with their website. If you haven’t already opened it, begin with your web browser of choice. Any of the mainstays will do, like Chrome, Safari, Edge, or any similar products.

Once you’ve opened your browser, find your way to the search bar. Once there, type in and hit enter. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be transported to their website.

2. Find the Login

Finding yourself at the Samsung homepage, the next step is to find your way to the Samsung account login screen. To start with, look up at the top-right of the screen. You should see three icons: a figure, a magnifying glass, and a cart. What you’ll be interested in is the figure. If you click on that, a menu will drop down. From the menu, select “Log In / Sign Up.”

3. Input Your Email Address

You won’t even need to leave the page. The Samsung account login will drop down at the top of your screen, providing the fields you’ll need to access your account. You’ll only need to complete two fields to continue one, starting with the first one on the left.

This field, labeled “Email Address,” will only need the email you used to create your account in the first place.

When you established your Samsung account, you would have assigned a preferred email address to identify yourself. Go ahead and type in that address to complete this field.

4. Input Your Password

After you’ve finished inputting your email address, you’ll want to move onto the second open field. As with your email address, you would have created a password when you established your Samsung account. This unique password keeps your account safe from anyone who would try to access it without your permission. When you’re ready, type your password into the “Password” field.

5. Enter Your Account

When you finished entering your Samsung account login credentials, you’re ready to enter your account. If you look to the right of the fields, you’ll see a blue “Log In” button. When you’re ready, click on that button. When you do, you’ll be whisked off to your account.

Before you do that, however, you may want to make your login easier in the future. Below the “Email Address” field, you should find a small box labelled “Remember me.” If you check this box off, the Samsung website will retain your login credentials for the future, accelerating your access to your account.

6. Alternative Login Methods

There are other ways to create a Samsung account besides creating one directly through their website. When you open the Samsung account login screen, there were two buttons at the top you may have noticed: “Log in with Facebook” and “Log in with Google.”

You can use either of these to link your Facebook or Google accounts to act as your Samsung login credentials. You won’t need to create a username or password, instead expedite your access to your Samsung account by linking pre-existing accounts. This method is much more convenient and will ensure that you’ll be able to readily access your account without being forced to remember new login credentials.

How to Log in from Their Mobile Website

There’s always the possibility that you won’t be able to reach your personal computer at all times.

For those periods, if you need to reach your Samsung account, then where would you be? Of course, you’ll still be able to reach the Samsung account login through your smartphone.

That’s the beauty of a modern phone, you’ll never be without access to the world wide web.

1. Open Up Your Phone’s Internet Browser

If you’re interested in reaching your Samsung account, the first thing you’ll need to do is activate your internet browser. Most every phone has a pre-downloaded browser to use. For Apple products, you can use Safari. Android users can use the Samsung Internet app. Since either browser works perfectly fine, you’ll just need to tap on the app icon to open a new session.

2. Go to the Samsung Website

After the new browser session is opened, head up to the search bar at the top. When ready, tap on it to open up your touchscreen keyboard. Type in and tap enter to head on into their website.

3. Find the Login

You should now find yourself at the Samsung website. For the most part, the mobile layout resembles the desktop version, but it differs in being much more compatible for hand-held users. After you’ve finished appreciating the compact design of the website, look toward the top-left of the screen. You should see the menu icon, represented by three parallel lines. Tap on that when you’re ready.

When you tap on the menu icon, a menu will drop down and reveal a long listing of options. You’ll ignore most of these for now. Past all of the listings, scroll down to the very bottom where you’ll see a lone figure. Tap on that to open a new menu. From the new menu, select “Log In/Sign Up” to proceed to the Samsung account login screen.

4. Input Your Login Information

Unlike the desktop layout, you’ll be taken to a new screen. You’ll see the login fields here. There are no new steps here, you’ll be following the same process as before to continue onto your account. Once you’ve finished inputting your login credentials, all that’s left is to continue on into your account. Below the fields will be the blue “Log In” field. Go ahead and tap on that.

Don’t forget to check the “Remember me” box to make this process easier in the future. Likewise, you may also use the “Log in with Facebook” and “Log in with Google” buttons to reach your account as well. Regardless of what you choose, you won’t need to proceed through any more steps to reach what you need.

Samsung Account Login Difficulties

There’s a chance that you’re going to run into problems while logging into your account in the future. For the most part, these issues will consist of forgetting your login credentials. While they won’t be able to be of much help in recovering your chosen email address, Samsung will be able to help reset your password.

When you open up your Samsung account login screen, you should look below the “Password” field. You’ll see a link labelled “Forgot your password?” Go ahead and click on that and the login screen will change. You’ll be, first and foremost, asked to provide your email address and confirm that you aren’t a robot. Once you provide an answer for both, click on the “Reset Password” button to continue.

You’ll receive an email containing the instructions to reset your password. If you follow the instructions to the letter, you’ll soon create a new password to replace your forgotten one. After that, you’ll once again be able to access your account.

Useful Links

We hope that this guide helped you figure out how to access your account. Sometimes, account access can get confusing, and everyone needs some help now and then. However, if you find that you’re still having trouble, we’re providing a few helpful links to assist you.



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