Sprint Login Guide

Sprint Login Guide

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Meta: Sprint is a network carrier service that millions of people use on a daily basis. Get to learn
how you can log in and what to do if you encounter any login problems.
Choosing your cell phone provider is the first step to being able to make and receive calls.
Sprint is a popular network carrier service that provides excellent services. However, you need
to log in to your account to access other features.
Here’s a look at what you need to log into your sprint account.
Creating a Sprint Account
Sprint offers you quick and secure access to information about your device. You’ll need to
create an account to access this information. To get started, you’ll need:
● An account pin
● Billing zip code
● An answer to a security question
However, if you need to register as a device user, you will need to have the device for you to
receive a text message.
Levels of Profile Access
Before creating a sprint account, you need to understand the various levels of profile access.
The five levels of access include the account owner, account authorized, device user, business
users, and community profile.
Account Owner
As an account owner, you have access to essential features on sprint. Also, you can check your
usage and pay your bill. You need to provide your billing zip code, phone number, account pin,
email address and last four digits of an SSN.
Account Authorized
Account authorized users enjoy the same privileges and features like account owners. The only
difference is that account authorized users can’t change a customer’s name or their billing
address. Also, they cannot see the security answer or access the account PIN.
The users need to request access from the account owner to be an account authorized user.
Device User
Device users have little access to sprint. You’ll need to provide your email address and phone
number to register as a device user. It’s critical to note that if you don’t give the billing zip code
and account PIN, you’ll now be a device user. However, you can change this on my preferences
page by adding an account Pin and billing ZIP code.
As a device user, you can check when you can upgrade, see your usage, post to the community
forum, and access online service tools.
Department Level Access

This is a sub-level account of a business account. As a DAC user, you can manage a section of
the account, but cannot make any other changes to the account unless if you have the owner’s
The account owner helps to create a sub-account user profile. All he needs is to click on my
preference and go to manage access to the account where he will create a user. At this point,
the account owner provides the account PIN, billing zip code, phone number, email address,
and account number.
As a sub-account user, you can access product and service tools and view any billed usage for
your devices.
Community Profile
Users at the community profile level only have access to sprint community forum. You need to
provide an email address to create a community profile. However, you can access more
features and permission by providing your account number, phone number, account PIN, and
billing zip code.
Steps to access Sprint.com Account
Here’s how to register.
Go to sprint.com and tap on the sign in button. Click on create my profile where you’ll need to
enter your phone number.
At this point, you need to verify your identity. Account owners need to enter their sprint PIN
number. Also, you need to enter your billing zip code to create an account owner profile.
Alternatively, you may need to answer a security question, enter a zip code, and the last four
digits of the account holder SSN. To get the retrieval code, enter a billing zip code and the last
four digits of the account holder Social security number.
After your account is approved, you can now register as an account owner. Device users can
see the device information, data usage, minutes used, and the plan information.
The next step is to create your username and password. You’ll need to enter an email address
which Sprint will use to alert you of any changes made to your profile. Also, you’ll need this
email to recover your password in case you forget what it was.
Click finish, and you should see the success page. After this, you can sign in to your sprint
account to access the online profile. Alternatively, you can retrieve the email sent to you by
Sprint to verify that the information provided is correct.
The number listed next to the account information is your account number for the phone number
Update, Remove or Add Access to Your Sprint.com
Sometimes you need to control the level of access to your phone or profile. Also, you may need
to grant permission to another user on the account to switch the plan, update billing information,
or add a phone.
You need to be an account owner to manage or allow profile access.

To update, revoke, or add access to your sprint.com profile, you’ll need to:
● Sign in to sprint account with your username and password.
● Navigate to the preferences tab and allow access to your account. At this point, you can
manage permissions and use the drop-down menu to change access. The permissions
menu has different levels of access.
● You can access the manage users and account, manage an account, manage the
device, or click on the no access profile.
● When you click the manage account tab, you can change plans, check upgrade status,
pay and update your bill, add a phone, and see the minutes used.
● Click on the save tab.
● You’ll get a confirmation message which will indicate that you have saved the changes.
Sprint.com Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some issues you may encounter while logging in to your Sprint.com account.
How can I log in to my sprint account?
You can sign into your sprint.com account online by going to
I forgot my Password, is there a Way to reset it?
If you haven’t signed in into your sprint account and you forgot your password, you’ll need to
create a new password. Click on the forgot password tab, you’ll be prompted to enter your
phone number or email password. You’ll get a password reset link where you can quickly
change your password.
I can’t access my Sprint Account, Where Can I Get Help.
You need to contact customer service for sprint.com through
(http://support.sprint.com/support/). Sprint has experienced staff who can offer help on how to
reset your password and access your account. Also, you can send an email to domain-
[email protected].
How can I view my Sprint Account Call Log?
You’ll need to access the official sprint website and log in with your username and password.
Once logged in, you’ll see the interactive dashboard where you can view your bill under the see
my bill option. Click to continue, and you’ll then get to the call log option.
At this point, you can view incoming and outgoing calls of the present cycle. Also, you can click
on the see all usage on the home page to view your sprint current call log. You can view the
recent call logs of any unbilled cycle.
Sprint Won’t Allow my Phone to Activate, What Do I do?
You may encounter problems during activation of your sprint phone. Sometimes the phone may
be hung in the network which may present completion of the process. A battery pull or a hard
reset will give the phone time before you attempt to complete the activation process. Replace
the battery after one minute and power on your phone.

Also, you need to update your sprint phone’s data profile to activate it if the automatic activation
fails. The action forces the phone to check with the network, something that activates the
phone. Go to the settings and click on update data profile to begin the process.
Restart the phone after the update is complete. During activation, data services may be
unavailable for hours.
Does Sprint Have Parental Controls?
Yes, Sprint has plenty of features to ensure that your kids do not have access to inappropriate
content. Also, parents can monitor their kids’ device usage remotely via a mobile app. You’ll
need to log in to your sprint account where you will find all the linked devices and directions on
how to set certain restrictions.
Why Can’t I Login using My Sprint Mobile App
Your app may not be working as it’s outdated. The company releases updates which fix any
software bugs adds new features and improves security. Check for updates on the app store
under pending updates. Tap the update button if an update is available.
How Can I get in Touch with Sprint Customer Support?
Sprint’s customer support is available on the phone through 1-888-211-4727 or via the
customer support web page where you can access live chat support or send your queries.

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