Privacy Policy

We appreciate the fact that you take the time to read our Privacy Policy. On this page, we explain what information we collect from our users, how and why we use it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at about this or any other matter, at any time.

1. Personal Information We Collect

Guide to Login collects two basics types of information, personally and non-personally identifiable information (PII and NPII for short). Each type of information will be detailed in the paragraphs below. We will also briefly explain how each type of information is used.

a. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

As the name implies, this type of information can be used to identify and/or locate you personally. Unlike demographic information, such as your general location (e.g. North America) or age group (25 to 45 years old), PII refers to information specifically about you, such as your home address, phone number, date of birth etc.

Contact information falls into this category. Our website only collectes your phone number and email address. We never collect this information without your knowledge or consent. We will require your email address when you leave a comment on Guide to Login or when you send us a message via our Contact page.

We require your email address to reply to your messages. We request your name in order to know who we are addressing. However, if you do not feel comfortable sharing your name, you can use an alias.

We will never use your PII other than the purposes stated here. We will never share your PII with third parties.

b. Non-Personally Identifiable Information (NPII)

NPII is personal information that cannot be used to identify you personally. There are several types of information that would fall into this cateogory.

Demographic information is considered NPII. Demographic information includes general location, i.e. country, age group, gender, language spoken and other similar data.

NPII is also technical information about the device you are using to access a website. This information includes the operating system type, the browser you are using, the type of device you are using (i.e. whether you are using a computer, smartphone or tablet) and information related to the software necessary to display or open certain types of online content.

Information about your time spent on our website is also NPII. This information includes when you access our website, what articles you read, how much time you spent reading each article, what search terms led you to our articles, and what search terms you looked up on our site specifically.

NPII regarding your use of the Guide to Login helps us understand our readers better. It helps us tailor our content to the needs and preferences of our readers. It also helps us identify content which is not working.

We also collect some NPII, such as search terms, browsing history or general demographic information, as detailed above, for marketing purposes. Understanding your questions and interests helps marketers offer suggestions for products or services you may be interested in.

2. How We Collect PII and NPII

As mentioned, we will never collect PII without your knowledge or consent. You will have to offer this information voluntarily. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your name, you can use an alias instead.

Each time you visit, we will indirectly collect NPII through the use of “cookies”. A “cookie” is a piece of data stored on your computer that is tied to virtual information about you. Cookies help us collect the NPII stated in the previous section. We do not use cookies to collect any sort of PII.

You can disable cookies at any time from your browser’s privacy settings tab or preferences tab, depeding on the type of browser you are using.

3. Other sites

The present Privacy Policy applies solely to Guide to Login. As you may notice, we sometimes provide links to other websites. The present Privacy Policy does not apply to these external resources.

We will not take responsability for the any damages the occur from the misuse or abuse of personal information perpetrated by these websites.

4. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Any and all changes to the present Privacy Policy will become effective immediately upon publication. We will not send notifications regarding these changes either prior or after their publication.

We recommend you revisit this page to take note of any changes to our policy regarding user data.

5. Questions

Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

For further details about the rules governing Guide to Login, please read our Terms of Use page as well.