CCAC Blackboard Login Walkthrough

CCAC Blackboard Login Walkthrough

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Students all over the world are experiencing a better way to learn with Blackboard. CCAC Blackboard login portal allows students of the Community College of Allegheny County preview courses before they sign up, as well as use an online planner and datebook. It reminds you when a test is coming up, or an assignment is due. It also connects students of certain classes in order to facilitate class discussions, trade notes and feedback on assignments and materials.
This incredibly useful service is becoming more common on college campuses around the world. This enables students to get the education they want, the way they want it. However, being able to successfully log in to the portal is essential. Follow these easy steps to take control of your education and start using CCAC Blackboard.

CCAC Blackboard Login Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The CCAC Blackboard login process is very simple. Whether you’re a first time user or have used it in the past, follow these steps.

1. Go to the CCAC Blackboard login portal.
2. Type your NetID in the field labeled “username”.
3. Enter your password.
4. Click the blue button marked “Login”.

To use Blackboard Learn at the Community College of Allegheny County, you will need a NetID account. These are provided automatically for online students, or those studying technical courses. However, some professors use Blackboard for assignments. In that case, you’ll have to request a NetID by applying online or visiting your campus’ open lab.

Blackboard Learn is also available on mobile. Keep up with coursework on the go by using your device’s browser or downloading the app for Apple or Android operating systems.

CCAC Blackboard Mobile Login Walkthrough

Logging in to your Blackboard account on a mobile device is simple. Open the browser app on your tablet or phone and follow the directions listed above.

Blackboard Learn Mobile Login for Apple Devices

1. Download the Blackboard Learn app for Apple, or use the App Store.
2. Click “Install” once app is downloaded.
3. Type in your school’s information.
4. Type in your NetID and password on login screen.
5. Tap button labeled “Login”.

Blackboard Learn Mobile Login for Android Devices

1. Download the Blackboard Learn app for Android, or search the Google Play Store.
2. Tap app in notifications panel for installation.
3. Type your school’s information into installation page.
4. Type your NetID and password in appropriate fields on login page.
5. Click button labeled “Login”.

CCAC Blackboard Login Possible Issues

If you forget your password, you cannot reset it on your own. Instead, you will have to contact the CCAC service desk by phone. Call 412.237.8700 during regular business hours and provide your personal information. They will assign you a new password.

For help with interface issues, either on your PC or mobile device, visit the Blackboard Learn help center.

Quick and Useful Information

While online students may find Blackboard CCAC most helpful, its course preview capabilities and online planner function will benefit everyone. Learn more about the various ways you can use Blackboard by visiting their website.

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