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Directv is an American direct satellite broadcast service provider based in California. All Directv customers have access to an online account which they can use to manage their Directv subscription. You can reach your Directv customer account through the Directv login portal at

In this guide, we will present instructions for the sign in procedure. We will also indicate the steps you need to follow to reach log in using the Directv app.

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Directv Login Instructions

In this section of our guide, we will present the basic Directv login steps. These steps will allow you open your Directv account using your computer. In the following sections, we will describe the Directv login procedure for mobile devices.

Official Directv Login Page

  • To begin, go the Directv main website, 
  • Once you reach the main page of the website, you’ll notice a “My account” tab on the right of the screen. You can hover your mouse on this tab or click on it to be redirected to the Directv login menu
  • In the first blank field of the Directv login menu, you will have to type the email address associated with your Directv account. If you have an AT&T user ID, use this in place of your email address
  • Type the password of your Directv account in the field below
  • Click “Sign in to My Account” to complete the Directv login procedure.

Directv Mobile Login Instructions

If you want to open your Directv account from a mobile device, you can do so in two ways. You can either open it through the website or the Directv app. In the section below we will describe the process of accessing your account through

  1. Type the Directv website address in your mobile browser. This will automatically send you to the mobile version of the site
  2. Tap the “My Account” tab in the corner of the website.
  3. Input your Directv login credentials in the appropriate fields
  4. Tap the sign-in button to complete the process

Directv Mobile Login via Apple Devices

If you have an Apple device, you will need to follow this procedure to reach your account:

  1. Get the Apple version of the Directv app from iTunes
  2. Download and install the app and its updates
  3. Open the Directv app from the newly created icon
  4. Input your login information

Directv Login via Android Devices

The Android login procedure is relatively similar to the one described above. This is what you’ll need to do to sign in from your Android device:

  1. Download the app from Google Play
  2. Install the Directv app on your device. Allow the app to install the necessary updates.
  3. Open the app after installing it
  4. Type in your email (or AT&T ID) and password in the fields
  5. Tap the button to complete the procedure Login Password Difficulties

This high-tech platform may sometimes prevent you from accessing your account for a variety of reasons. In most of the cases, though, the issue has to do with a lost or forgotten password that can be quickly solved.

You don’t need a technician to help you restore your password, and below you will find everything you need to know to solve this problem. If you can’t access your Directv login free and believe you lost your password, here is what you need to do:

If you cannot remember your Directv login credentials, you can recover them from the Direct login menu. Below the information fields, there are two links, “Forgot Email or ID?” and “Forgot Password?” Depending on your situation, click on one of these links to recover the information you cannot remember.

You can always get more information about Directv login procedure by accessing You will find a section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions where all the most common problems and issues are presented and explained. And of course, you can contact Directv customer service using the contact methods available at

Directv Useful Information

Directv offers a variety of features, packages, and channels for every movie, TV or sports fan. Check out their plans for free on the official website and then decide which one best fits your needs. Even if you are passionate about history, business, baseball or cinema, you will certainly find something for you on the Directv Login account.

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