FWCS Webmail Login Walkthrough

FWCS webmail login

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Employed with Fort Wayne Community Schools? You’re one of a great group of people! With employment at FWCS, you’ve been give access to a really useful tool: a secure, reliable webmail program. As an employee, you will need to access your FWCS Webmail for a variety of reasons; keeping up with co-workers, as well as others involved with your school.

A new webmail program can be tricky, and FWCS doesn’t want any confusion when you are trying to access your messages. As a new employee, you have received your login credentials, including your FWCS email address and a password that will be used on the platform. If for some reason, you have not received these, please contact your school personnel to attain them.

FWCS Webmail Login Step-by-step Walkthrough

Once you have your required login information, you can follow these simple steps to gain access to your FWCS Webmail:

1. Access the FWCS Webmail page into your preferred browser. This is a link to the original FWCS Webmail Login platform. You will be automatically redirected to FWCS Webmail Login via Office 365. You can also choose to click the blue link in the sentence that states, “The link you requested is actually FWCS Office 365 Login.”

*Since your FWCS Webmail will be used often, you might want to consider bookmarking it in your browser for easier logins in the future. You can usually do this by clicking the star or bookmark icon in your address bar.

2. Login to your account by entering your full email address in the first field (example: [email protected]) and your password in the following field.

3. Stay signed in for easier access. If you are logging in on a computer you will be using often, such as your personal computer or another safe alternative, you might also want to consider the “Keep me signed in” box. However, we strongly recommend NOT choosing this option if you are using a computer that you share with others! If you remain signed in, anyone else with access will be able to get into your account!

4. Click the blue Sign In button to log into your account.

FWCS Employee Webmail Login

FWCS Webmail Login Walkthrough for Apple and Android Devices

If you are using a smartphone, you may want to login via the app.

Download for iPhone here: iTunes

Download for Android here: Google Play

FWCS Webmail Login Possible Issues

We have all forgotten a password here and there; if this happens to you, don’t worry! There are options in place to help you recover your lost or forgotten password!

Follow steps 1 & 2 above, and instead of entering your information, click the button that says, “Can’t access your account?” to get to the password reset page. Click “Get back into your account.” Here, you will need to enter your User ID (this is really just your FWCS email address, which looks like [email protected]). Type in the characters in the validation box. Sometimes, these can be pretty hard to make out. If so, there is a refresh icon you can click to get a brand new security code. You can also listen to the characters if you click the speaker icon. Click “Next” and follow the steps to get back into your account.

Quick & Useful Information

As an employee of FWCS, you may have other questions about resources and/or benefits relevant to you. Visit the FWCS website to get information about insurance and retirement, new employee discounts, as well as opportunities to help your students. You can view all of this info and much more at the FWCS employee section.

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