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IMVU is a free to play online metaverse and social entertainment website. The platform was established in 2004 and has grown to become an industry leader in the virtual world arena. IMVU has more than three million active users and currently has the largest virtual products catalog of about 30 million goods. This guide is designed for IMVU users who want to complete the IMVU login procedure with ease.

IMVU Login Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Here are the six simple steps you should follow to log into your account via a computer.

1. Launch your web browser of choice and visit IMVU official website.
2. On the homepage, find the ‘Member Login’ link.
3. Click on it to reveal the login form.
4. Enter your Avatar/Email in the first empty field.
5. In the second field, enter your password.
6. Complete the IMVU login process by clicking on the ‘Login’ link.

IMVU Mobile Login Walkthrough

IMVU users can also access their accounts via their mobile devices. They can log in via their mobile browsers or IMVU mobile application. Follow these six steps to log into your account via your mobile device.

1. Launch your internet browser of choice and visit IMVU mobile optimized website.
2. On the homepage. Find the ‘Login’ link.
3. Click on the link to access the login form.
4. Enter your email address in the first empty field.
5. In the second empty field enter your password.
6. Tap ‘Log in’ to complete the IMVU login process.

As mentioned earlier, users can log into their accounts via the IMVU mobile app. Have in mind that you must be at least 17 years of age to download the IMVU application. Here are the simple steps to follow to access your account.

IMVU Mobile Login Walkthrough for Apple Devices

1. Go to iTunes on your Apple device.
2. Search for the IMVU Mobile application.
3. Follow your device’s instructions to download the app.
4. Open the app and tap the ‘Login’ option displayed on the homepage.
5. Input your avatar username or email address in the first empty field.
6. Enter your IMVU password in the second empty field.
7. Tap the orange ‘Login’ option to access your account.

The app is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad and requires iOS 9.0 or later to operate.

IMVU Mobile Login Walkthrough for Android Devices

1. Visit Play Store on your Android device.
2. Find the IMVU Mobile app and install it on your device.
3. Launch the app and tap the ‘Login’ option.
4. In the first empty slot, enter your IMVU avatar or email address.
5. In the second blank field, type your password.
6. Click on the orange ‘Login’ button to finish the login process.

IMVU Login Possible Issues

A forgotten password is the most common problem you will encounter when accessing your IMVU account. If this happens, just visit the IMVU website and tap the ‘Login’ option located at the bottom of the page. On the pop-up window, press ‘Forgot Password.’ Provide the email address you used to create your account to receive a password reset link. Follow the prompts in the email to create a new IMVU password.

Occasionally, you may notice that the home screen won’t stop spinning when you press the ‘Login’ link. If this happens, clear cookies and cache then enable JavaScript for the IMVU website. Additionally, accept cookies to get the best experience while accessing your IMVU account.

Quick and Useful Information

If you run into other technical issues while accessing your account, visit the IMVU contact and support page for further assistance.

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