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JCPenney credit card login Page

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The JCPenney Credit Card portal is created to help JCPenney card holders access their online credit account and manage their JCPenney credit card. JCPenney customers can use the credit card to pay online bills and earn rewards and discounts. This guide will help with the JCPenney login procedure at, the JCPenney credit card portal.

JCPenney Credit Card Login: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

In this following sections of our guide, we will explain the JCPenney credit card login procedure from a desktop. The section after this will focus on the mobile login procedure. Note that you must first register for a JCPenney credit card account. You can do so from the login page at The “Register” button is right below the JCPenney credit card login menu. Once you have completed the registration process, you can refer back to this section to view the login steps.

JCPenney credit card login Page

  1. First, go to the JCPenney credit card portal, at
  2. The JCPenney credit card login menu is located on your left. In the first blank space of the menu you must enter your JCPenney credit card account username. Note that this username may differ from your username. The field is also case sensitive.
  3. In the field below, enter the password of your JCPenney credit card account.
  4. Click the red “Secure Login” tab to complete the JCPenney credit card login procedure.

JCPenney Credit Card Mobile Login Walkthrough

  1. Open your browser app.
  2. Enter in your browser. The mobile version of the website will load automatically.
  3. Enter your username in the appropriate box of the JCPenney credit card login menu.
  4. Enter your JCP credit card account password in the field below.
  5. Tap “Secure Login” to validate your credentials and access your account.

There is currently no JCP credit card app to access your account.

JCPenney Credit Card Login Possible Issues

You shouldn’t really encounter any major issues with the website. The JCPenney credit card platform may sometimes be down due to maitenance.

More frequently, users forget their login credentials and cannot access their account. On the JCPenney credit card login page, you will find two links to help you recover forgotten login credentials. Click the “Find User ID” tab to open the username recovery page. There, you will have to enter JCPenney credit card number Zip code to recover your username.

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Reset password” button. This option should also be used if you would like to change your JCPenney credit card account password for security reasons. Once the password reset page opens, enter your User ID and Zip code in the password reset menu. You will then receive further instruction on how to create a new JCPenney credit card account password.

Quick and Useful Information

You can visit the main JCPenney website, or, for more information about JCPenney store locations, products and more. You can also find out more about the JCPenney credit card and the perks of using it.

If you encounter any issues with the JCPenney credit card platform,, you can all the JCPenney technical support department, 1-800-527-4403.

For issues and questions that are not related to the JCPenney credit card, you can contact the JCPenney customer service department at 1.800.322.1189 or by completing the online contact form available at


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