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Meta: Are you a Macy’s cardholder or frequent shopper? Here’s how and why you should create a
Macy’s login.

As other retailers struggle to make up for the loss of footfall in stores, Macy’s continues to try
something new. The retail giant is one of the few who has successfully transitioned into an online
retail giant by offering all their store ways conveniently online.

The Macy’s website lives up to what customers love about Macy’s stores. It’s inclusive and intuitive,
and they carry both a traditional line of products while also diving into new trends and designers.
Whether you’re an irregular customer or a Macy’s enthusiast, you’ll get more from shopping on if you create a profile. Your profile is your portal to your information to make purchases,
returns, and account management simpler.

Are you a Macy’s customer, Macy’s Star Rewards member, or Macy’s store credit card holder?

Manage all your details on Macy’s website with a few clicks.

How to Sign Up and Login to Macy’s Star Rewards

Macy’s Star Rewards is a free rewards program for Macy’s customers that offers special perks,
coupons and savings, and in-store surprises.

If you are a Macy’s Cardholder, you received automatic enrolment when you signed up for your
card. But you don’t need to hold a store credit card to take advantage of perks like Star Money Days
and birthday surprises.

You can enroll in the program online, at your local store, or over the phone. Online enrolment is the
simplest, and you can do it in only a few minutes.

Visit the Macy’s homepage and look for a Macy’s Star Rewards banner underneath the navigation
bar. If the banner doesn’t appear, click on the “Sign In My Account” icon found in the top-right
corner of the website.

If navigating from the banner, click the “Sign Me Up” button to go to the enrolment page. If you click
the “Sign In My Account” icon, you’ll arrive at the secure sign-in page. Once you get there, click the
“Create Account” function, if applicable. To sign up, you’ll need only basic information including:
● First and last name
● Email address
● Password
● Birthdate

Enter each piece of information in the corresponding box. When creating a password, try to use both
upper and lowercase names as well as a number to create a stronger passcode. Press the “Show”
button on the password bar to make sure you entered the password correctly the first time.

Don’t forget to make a note of your password in a safe place.

After you enter the information, you’ll see three boxes:
● Join Star Rewards!
● Send me emails about sales, events, new arrivals and more!
● Get text alerts on sales, orders and relevant account information

To sign up for Star Rewards and create your account, you must tick the Join Star Rewards box. Don’t
forget to click the Terms & Conditions link below to make sure you’re happy with the way they
process data.

Below the Join Star Rewards box are two marketing preferences boxes. Tick the first box if you’re
happy to receive emails from Macy’s about sales, store events, new arrivals, and whatever else
Macy’s deems to be exciting.

The second box allows Macy’s to send messages to your cell phone about account details, orders, or

Neither of these two preferences is mandatory, and you don’t need to select the boxes unless you
want to get those emails and messages.

Creating a Macy’s Account
Do you want a general Macy’s account that stores your shipping and billing information without
creating a Star Rewards profile?

You follow the same process as you would when creating a rewards account. Click on the “My
Account Sign In” function and Macy’s redirects you straight to the secure sign-in page. If you need an
account, click “Create Account.”

Once you get there, you’ll enter your:
● First name
● Last name
● Email address
● Password
● Birthdate
Be sure to note your password in a safe place and remember what email address you used.

If you don’t want a Macy’s Star Rewards account, then leave the box at the bottom of the form that
says “Join Star Rewards!” unchecked.

You also have the option of opting into emails about sales, events, and new arrivals as well as texts
about orders, sales, or account details. Check the appropriate boxes to receive messages from
Macy’s. Remember, you can always update those boxes later.

Log-in to Your Macy’s Account
When you create your Macy’s account, Macy’s will automatically log you into your new online
account for the first time. If you didn’t join Star Rewards, expect to see a banner encouraging you to
join the program.

If you decided you’d like to join the free program, click “Sign me up.” If not, click the “X” in the top
right corner to exit out of the banner. If you click “Sign Me Up,” Macy’s asks you to enter your phone
number into a dialogue box. They want your phone number to make looking up your account in-
store simple.

Just enter your phone number and submit. The box also asks for your birthday, but you should have
entered this information when you signed up for your Macy’s account.

Logging In After Signup
The next time you want to sign in to your Macy’s account, all you need to do is click the “My Account
Sign In” icon in the top right corner of the website and enter your email address and password.

Forgot Your Macy’s Account Password?
If you can’t remember your Macy’s account password, don’t fret. Resetting your password is simple.
Access the secure sign in page through the “My Account Sign In” icon. Once you get there, click the
“Forgot Your Password?” link on the “Returning Customer” box.

From here, enter the email address associated with your account. Then, complete the CAPTCHA test
by clicking the square and waiting for permission to proceed. Macy’s will then email you with a link
to reset your password. Once you reset your password, you will log in automatically.

How to Log-in to Macy’s Credit Card Account
Your online portal to your store card exists under your profile. If you haven’t yet created your online
profile, you will find the steps above. It involves entering your name, email, and birthdate as well as
creating your username and password.

To log-in to your credit card account, you’ll also need your card account details once you reach your

If you are already a cardholder, don’t worry about joining Star Rewards. You automatically joined
when you signed up for the store card.

Once you reach your profile through the “My Account Sign In” icon on the home page, you’ll find an
option to manage your Macy’s card your dashboard under the title “Manage Macy’s Credit Card.”

Current card colds only need to click on “Add Macy’s Card.” The link redirects you to a secure site
where you enter the following information:
● Card Number
● Name as it Appears on Your Card
● Security Code
● Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN

Below the boxes, you’ll see an option to “Add this Card to My Wallet, so Star Passes are added for
fast access at checkout online & in-store.”

If you tick the box, you will not only add your card to your profile to manage your account and pay
your bill. You will also add it to your wallet so that you can pay with it.

Once you’ve added your Macy’s card, you can view your statements online and make payments.

Why Create a Macy’s Account?
You don’t need a Macy’s account to place an order online. You may always exercise the option to
check out as a guest without providing your details.

However, there are benefits, mainly if you are also a Star Rewards member or a Macy’s Credit Card

Once you’ve logged into your account, your dashboard features six options:
● Macy’s Credit Card
● Orders
● Wallet
● Star Rewards
● Lists
● Preferences

The Macy’s Credit Card option allows you to manage your store card account or open an account if
you don’t already have one.

Orders provide a list of recent online orders and their details including what you ordered, how you
paid, and delivery data.

Your Wallet is a list of saved cards used to pay for purchases. You can add both credit and debit
cards here as well as gift cards.

The Star Rewards section details your account status. On the main page, you’ll see your current
points, Star Money, and how long it will take you to reach the next tier. You can also review detailed
transactions or remind yourself of the benefits.

Lists allow you to create lists as you shop on the site. You can save items for later, share with your
friends or family, or flag a coveted item to wait for a sale alert.

Finally, Preferences encompasses everything from your preferred shopping categories, brands, and
sizes, your favorite store, and marketing preferences like notifications.

Logging Into Your Macy’s Account Is Easy
A Macy’s account makes shopping more intuitive and allows you to enjoy unique tools like starring
an item to receive sale alerts.

Do you have questions about your Macy’s log-in? Share them in the comments below. Don’t forget
to check out our other log-in guides on our page.

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