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MyCiti is the online banking service offered by Citi bank. The Citi online banking feature offers all the ease of having a private banker in a convenient online platform. From your MyCiti account, you can pay your bill, track your spending, transfer funds, and even apply for a credit limit increase. All without having to visit a Citi location. To benefit from this service, you need to go through the MyCiti login procedure. In this article, we will guide through the MyCiti login steps and offer advice on what to do if the Citi online banking service is not working properly.

MyCiti Login Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The MyCiti login procedure is fairly simple. If you have never used the Citi online banking service, you will first need to register an online banking account. You can do this from the Citi login page. After you click the Register for Online Access, you will be take through the account creation process. Once your MyCiti account is set up, you can follow the steps below to complete the MyCiti login.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your MyCiti username in the User ID box.
  3. Type your password into the Password field.
  4. Check the Remember my User ID checkbox if desired.
  5. Click the blue Sign On button to log in.

Myciti Login at or

MyCiti Mobile Login Walkthrough

You can also use the MyCiti login portal from any Internet-enabled mobile device. The following instructions will walk you through the Citi mobile login process:

  1. Navigate to with your device’s web browser.
  2. Enter your MyCiti username in the User ID box.
  3. Type your MyCiti password into the Password box.
  4. Check the Remember my User ID if you are planning on using this device to perform the MyCiti login procedure in the future.
  5. Tap the Sign On button to finish the process

Citi also has mobile applications. The Citi mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. The MyCiti mobile app makes it even more convenient to reach your MyCiti account while on the go. The following instructions will walk you through the MyCiti mobile application login process:

MyCiti Mobile Login Walkthrough for Apple Devices

  1. Download the Citi Mobile application from the Apple Store.
  2. Launch the MyCiti app by tapping the blue Citi icon.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password
  4. Tap the blue Sign On button.

MyCiti Mobile Login Walkthrough for Android Devices

  1. Download the Citi Mobile app for Android devices. You can find it on Google Play.
  2. Once the MyCiti app is installed, tap the Citi icon to launch it
  3. Enter your MyCiti login information.
  4. Tap Sign On. You should now have access to your Citi online banking account.

MyCiti Login Possible Issues

If you experience any issues during the MyCiti login process, a few simple steps should easily help you resolve them. First, make sure your web browser up to date. Likewise, you should allow the MyCiti mobile app to perform its updates as often as needed. This will ensure you get the best user experience.

If you forget your password, you can easily reset it by clicking on the Forgot Password link available at  This will allow you to reset your password. You will also have to reset your password if you type your login credentials incorrectly several times in a row.

If you type your MyCiti login credentials incorrectly during the setup process, your Citi online banking account could be blocked. If this happens, you should call 1-800-374-9700 if you have a Citi Personal Banking account. Those who have a Citi Credit Card account should call the number printed on the back of their Citi credit card.

Quick & Useful Information

With these straightforward instructions, you are well on your way to accessing all the features of the MyCiti online platform. The login process is user-friendly, secure, and available on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The following links and contact information should be all you need to get started.

For more information about how the Citi online banking service works, you can visit the Online Banking FAQ page available at

If you have any issues with your MyCiti online banking account, or if you want to ask for more information, you can contact the Citi customer service department. The Citi customer service phone number for the online banking department is 1-800-374-9700. 

If your issues or questions are related to Citi mobile banking, you can call the Mobile & Text Banking Support team. Their phone number is 1-888-214-0036.

For more Citi contact information, you can visit the Citi Contact Us page at On that page you can also find the Citi branch locator. It will allow you to find the nearest Citi bank location, and also provide contact details and Citi hours for that specific location.


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