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Meta: T-Mobile is one of the nation's largest carriers. It allows you to register numerous phone
accounts and use your T-Mobile login for everything from paying bills to monitoring usage for
you and family members to setting up two-step verification processes for extra security. Keep
reading to how to get started!

T-Mobile Login Guide

T-Mobile is one of the country’s largest mobile carriers and offers competitive plans for texting,
calling, and data. It also has a robust online login system that allows you to pay your bill online
and make other changes to your accounts. Keep reading to learn how to make changes and get
answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about T-Mobile phone accounts.
What is T-Mobile?
Do you think of the five-note audio logo when you hear the name “T-Mobile?” The logo was
composed in 1999, but T-Mobile has been around for a lot longer. Its holding company is a
German telecommunications company that bought VoiceStream Wireless Corporation in 2001.
VoiceStream was renamed to T-Mobile and today is the third largest wireless network in the
J.D. Power and Associates, which performs customer service surveys, consistently ranks T-
Mobile for high levels of retail-store satisfaction and wireless customer care. This image is
generally born out in conversations with T-Mobile customers, who seem to be overall more
satisfied with their carrier than customers at At&T or other major carriers.
In 2013, T-Mobile purchased MetroPCS Communication and in 2018 announced plans to merge
with Sprint.
What Does T-Mobile Offer?
In 2016, T-Mobile introduced its T-Mobile ONE plans. Instead of choosing between complicated
offers that skip or include things like texting or large or small amounts of data, T-Mobile included
everything in one easy-to-understand plan they call ONE.
Currently, T-Mobile lines start at $70 and include benefits like the following:
● Free Netflix plans
● Free phones (depending on the offers available at the time of signup)
● Unlimited talk, text, and data
● Easy to read bills (fees and taxes included in the advertised price)

Monthly plans drop to as low as $35/month on four lines, and T-Mobile allows you to skip the
wait at your local retail store by making an appointment online. This is a helpful feature,
especially if your time is limited and you’re only available during peak business hours.
What is a T-Mobile Account?
T-Mobile allows you to pay your bill, see relevant notifications, address problems you’re having
with your device, and check your usage, and more through an app called My Account. You can
download the app directly to your phone or go to T-Mobile’s website to log in through the online
interface here.
Here’s what you can do with T-Mobile My Account:
● Get device health notifications
● View data usage for yourself and your family lines
● Set up recurring payments via AutoPay
● Initiate account notifications
● Refill your pay-in-advance accounts
What is a T-Mobile ID?
A T-Mobile ID is a unique identifier that allows you to interact with T-Mobile via My Account or
other means to view and pay your bill, check your usage, chat with T-Mobile customer service,
or change your plan.
One of the easiest ways to sign up for a T-Mobile ID and to register your device is to download
your My Account app to your device. When you open it for the first time, you’ll have the option to
log in. Tap “Create my T-Mobile ID” and enter your registration information.
Once your device has received a text from T-Mobile, you can enter the verification code into
your app, which will then guide you through the rest of the process for setting up your T-Mobile
ID and registering your device.
How Can I View My T-Mobile Bill Online?
To view and pay your T-Mobile bill online, you’ll need My Account registration and your T-Mobile
ID. Launch the My Account app and complete the following steps:
● Hit “billing”
● Click “pay now”
● You can make a one-time payment even if you’re already registered for AutoPay
● Enter your login information
● Enter payment amount and method
● Enter payment details

● Accept terms and conditions
● Hit submit
● Optional: click to save this payment method for future payments
Customer Service
T-Mobile is better than many large carriers when it comes to customer service, but it can still be
difficult to navigate the volume of options to get what you need. Here are the best options for
reaching out with questions:
Self-Service Using My Account
You can utilize T-Mobile’s broad range of self-service options to do things like paying your bills
(see instructions above) and check usage.
Dial for Quick Answers
If you want to know your account balance, minute usage, message usage, and data usage, you
can dial the following numbers:
● #225# (to get your account balance)
● #646# (to get your minute usage)
● #674# (to get your message usage)
● #932# (to get your data usage)
Get Help in the T-Mobile App
If you have a T-Mobile ID and the T-Mobile My Account app, you can use it to chat with a
customer service agent. First, log in to your app and click “device support.” Then, choose
“device help & how to’s,” “connectivity issues,” “T-Mobile forums,” “T-Mobile Facebook,” “T-
Mobile YouTube,” or “T-Mobile Twitter.” You may also select “call customer care.”
Ask the T-Mobile Community
T-Mobile has a giant community forum filled with questions and answers. It’s a great place to go
to post a question, but you can also look for previously asked questions that are similar to you
and then check out the answers. Often, you can find just the right answer to your problem.
You can sort through existing categories, including the following:
● Android products
● Hotspot & syncup
● DIGITS discussion
● Network and coverage
● T-Mobile for business

Contact T-Mobile via Social Media
In addition to the contact methods we’ve already mentioned, Twitter and Facebook are also
ways to get in touch with T-Mobile support. You can find T-Mobile on Twitter (@tmobile or
twitter.com/tmobile) or just mention them in a tweet, or you can find the company on Facebook
(@tmobile or facebook.com/tmobile) and either post to their wall, in the comments on a thread,
or message them directly.
Contact T-Mobile via Phone
Finally, in addition to the contact methods mentioned above, you can also contact T-Mobile via
your T-Mobile line or another phone.
Here’s how to call T-Mobile:
● From a T-Mobile line, just dial 611 (available 24/7)
● 1-877-746-0909
Hearing impaired or speech impaired callers may contact 1-877-296-1018, though this line is
only available from 3 am to 10 pm PST.
If you’re roaming internationally and need support, you can dial 1-505-998-3793.
Here’s how to call to get help with your prepaid account:
● Call 1-877-778-2107 to activate your account
● Call 1-877-778-2106 to manage your account
● Cal 1-877-720-5195 to refill your account
How to Change Your Personal Information
If you need to make a change to your personal account information or phone accounts, you can
do so in one of two ways: via the T-Mobile app or online. You can change things like your
password, phone number, email address, and name.
Here are the steps:
To Change Your Personal Information on the T-Mobile App:
● Open the app and go to “more”
● Then tap “profile settings” and go to “T-Mobile ID”
● From there, you can edit available options like your name and password
Don’t forget to hit “save” when you’re finished!

To Change Your Personal Information Online:
● Log in to your account on the T-Mobile website
● Go to profile and then select “T-Mobile ID”
● Click “edit”
● Make the desired changes
● Click “save”
How to Link Your T-Mobile Accounts to Your T-Mobile ID
If you have multiple lines or phone numbers–or even accounts–and don’t want to maintain
multiple T-Mobile IDs, you can link them all via the following steps.
On the T-Mobile App:
● Open your app and click “more”
● Go to “profile settings” and hit “T-Mobile ID”
● Select “phone numbers” and then “next”
● Enter the number you want to link and then hit “next”
● T-Mobile will send a verification code via text to the number you enter
● Enter the verification code on the app when prompted to
● You’ll know the number has been linked when you see the confirmation page
This process must be completed for each number you want to link. If, at a later date, you want
to remove a linked number, simply select the number and hit “unlink”
On the T-Mobile Website:
● Login to your T-Mobile account on the website
● Go to “profile” and then select “T-Mobile ID”
● Click “edit” where you see “phone numbers”
● Enter the number you want to link and then select “next”
● When you receive a verification code via text at the number you entered, enter that code
● Hit “submit”
Repeat this process for each number you want to link. Later, if you need to remove one or more
of the numbers you linked, you can navigate back to the phone numbers page, select the
number you wish to unlink, and click “unlink.”
Get Started With Your T-Mobile login!
In addition to adding and deleting phone accounts from your TMobile login, you can view your
bills, pay them, and even get your questions answered. Get started by registering your device
and creating your T-Mobile ID today!

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