US Cellular Login Guide

US Cellular Login Guide

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Registering with US Cellular’s website allows you to access your phone accounts, and adjust
your cellphone’s plan online, regardless of model. First, you need a US Cellular login, which
takes a few simple steps to acquire.

US Cellular Login Guide
Using U.S. Cellular allows you to keep your current phone, and use and adjust your cell phone
plan, separately. U.S. Cellular allows you to balance your phone accounts, and it works with
regular cell phones, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Utilizing the U.S. Cellular website allows you to change the plan attached to your existing
phone. Since you don’t have to get a new phone with each change, the relative cost of new
plans can be much cheaper.

U.S. Cellular is the fifth largest wireless telecommunication provider in the United States. They
provide prepaid cell phone plan options, business phone plans, and total package deals. All of
these can be accessed from the U.S. Cellular website if you have a U.S. Cellular login ID.

U.S Cellular is headquartered in the city of Chicago in the United States. Its current customer
base is an estimated five million users, and its primary form of business is operating and selling
wireless telecommunication and cell phone plans. This guide is specifically designed to help you
navigate their website, however, and log in as a member and customer using a Cellular device.
You can also use your U.S. Cellular login to purchase devices from the U.S. Cellular store. The
U.S. Cellular website sells features such as cell phone cases, headphones, and audio devices,
cell phone chargers, and wearable wireless devices such as smartwatches.

The U.S. Cellular website also sells business packages. This includes discounts on multiple
devices for you and your employees. It also sells plans and allows you to organize the wireless
communication of your business using U.S. Cellular promotions and proposed business
solutions based on U.S. Cellular’s own experience.

First, you’ll need a U.S. Cellular login. This guide is intended to help you create your unique
U.S. Cellular ID and login credentials. Then, it will explain how to login using those credentials,
and if you choose, how to stay logged in to make accessing U.S. Cellular in the future easier.

Registering For A Login ID
If you’re a first time user, you will first need to register on the U.S. Cellular website. To start,
choose the Login/Register option at the top of the page. You will be presented with the U.S.
Cellular login page. Next, choose the option Register Here if you don’t already have an account.
Step 1: Identifying Your Phone

On the first page of registration, you will be asked to enter your wireless phone number or your
Device MEID. There will be a Yes-No prompt asking if you intend to register a cell phone.
Simply select no, and a window will open to enter a Device MEID instead if that is what you

No matter which option you choose, you will also be asked to enter the PIN to your phone
accounts. This is the PIN associated with the phone that you created when you first purchased
the device or opened the account. When you make transactions on the U.S. Cellular website, it
will know that the transactions are meant for this device, and assign plans accordingly.

Step 2: Registration PIN
At this step the website will send you a PIN to one of your phone accounts; namely, the one you
entered on the last page. If this is impossible for some reason, it will prompt you to enter an
email account here instead.

First, type an email account into the entry box that prompts you for one. Then, enter the same
email account in the box that follows it. This confirmation email should be the same as the first
and is meant to help you avoid spelling mistakes or other errors that might make you unable to
receive the registration email.

Finally, you will see a box beneath this with a large amount of text. This is U.S. Cellular’s Terms
of Service. Read through it, or read enough that you feel satisfied with the terms of service, and
then click the checkbox below acknowledging that you agree to their ToS if you find them

Step 3: Confirmation Email
If you signed up for an email instead, then you should navigate to the email account that you
registered. Choose to confirm in the email (you may need to enable hyperlinks), and it should
open the U.S. Cellular website in an online browser, completing the confirmation process.

Step 4: Entering Your PIN

At this point, you should check your message box for whatever device you registered. If you
choose to receive a message on your cell phone, you should check to make sure you've
received the PIN they sent you.

Step 5: Review
The final page of the registration process will tell you that it has accepted the security PIN sent
to your phone or email. It may also show some of the information you entered previously, which
is intended to give you the opportunity to review and alter anything that was improperly entered.

At this point, your phone or device should be properly registered, and you may be able to find a
message or sign of that on your device as well. If there isn’t one, it may simply mean you
haven’t accepted a U.S. Cellular wireless telecommunication plan yet, and it isn’t a big deal.

Logging In As A Member
If you have already registered as a member of the U.S. Cellular website, then the process to
login should be easier. First, you should navigate to the U.S. Cellular website. The U.S. Cellular
login option should be at the top of the page, whether you are on the front page of the U.S.
Cellular website or not.

Username And Password
First, click the Login/Register option at the top of the page. The webpage you are navigated to
should be the U.S. Cellular login page. You’ll notice the Register Here option below, but
because you are a member, you can ignore that.

The first entry is the username section. You should enter the username you created when you
received your mobile phone or U.S. Cellular device. The entry, below that, is where you type in
the private password that you chose when creating your U.S. Cellular account.

Unique Options On This Page
U.S. Cellular also offers a unique field to help you navigate your login. Click the field under the
Take Me To option. This should create a drop-down menu, with the options My Account Home,
Check Usage, Pay Bill, View Current Bill, and Shop New Devices.

Choose the option that you prefer before you click to Log In. This should immediately direct you
to where you want to be once your U.S. Cellular login has finished, so you don’t need to
tirelessly navigate any further pages.

If you are registering a Prepaid plan, you will notice a large icon on the right. Underneath it
should be a button that says Prepaid My Account. Click this, and then follow the same steps to
log in that you used to log in to your normal U.S. Cellular account.

U.S. Cellular Security
When you finish entering your username and password, click the Log In option. A series of
square images may appear, as well as a keyword. This is a Captcha and is a final step in

Follow the instruction in the captcha. The most common is to find the keyword (example: car) in
the images and click those images. This includes partial inclusion, such as a square with the
back half of a car. Once all images with the keyword in them are selected, choose to proceed.

This measure is meant to help separate automated bots. Harmful bots might try to enter
passwords repeatedly to hack in or enter false information to create useless accounts. So while
it might feel a little tiring, this is a necessary measure of security.

If you intend to use the website often, you can also select the Keep Me Logged In option. This
will remember your username and password, and allow you to immediately access your account
when you want. Just note that the device you enable this option on will always log in to your
account when U.S. Cellular is opened and is a personal security risk.

If You Forget Your Name Or Password
If you forget either your username or password, then you should navigate to the login screen.
Then, choose the “Forgot Username or Password?” option.

This will open a page asking you to enter your mobile phone’s number. It will also ask you to
enter the PIN associated with your phone. After this, it may send you an email, resetting the
password associated with your account.

Make sure that you open the message you are sent in a timely fashion, or it may expire. Then,
choose a new password for your account. If it tells you your username, then make sure to enter
it accurately, including numbers and capitalization where necessary.

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