WVDE Webmail Login at sso.k12.wv.us/0/user/login

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WVDE has created an accessible, straightforward webmail system that allows you to quickly view, manage, and respond to all your email. The WVDE Webtop webmail system is meant to work for all educational roles and does not require any additional tools or add-ons. Virtually any computer at any location can work with the Webtop online tool. You can even access your email using your mobile device’s web browser. The following step-by-step walkthrough guide provides you with all the instructions you need.

WVDE Webmail Login 

You can access the WVDE Webtop webmail system from any Internet-enabled computer or laptop, including those on the WVDE network or those using a private or public Internet service. The secure login simply requires your email address or Webtop/SSO username and your password. To login, use the following instructions:

  1. Access the WVDE Authentication Portal at sso.k12.wv.us/0/user/login
  2. Type your Webtop/SSO username or your email address into the Username or Email field.
  3. Fill out the Password field with your password information.
  4. Click the Submit button to complete the login process.

WVDE Webmail Login

You can also access the Authentication Portal from the WVDE Webtop page. Use the following instructions:

  1. Access the Webtop page at wvde.k12.wv.us
  2. Click the Webtop Login option in the left column.
  3. Provide your login information in the Username or Email field.
  4. Fill out the Password field with your password information.
  5. Click the Submit button.

WVDE Webmail Webtop Login

WVDE Webmail Mobile Login

It is also possible to check your WVDE webmail using a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone. The process works on most Internet-enabled mobile devices. Use the following instructions to log into webmail from mobile:

  1. Navigate to the WVDE Authentication Page on your mobile device by visiting sso.k12.wv.us/0/user/login
  2. Fill out the Username or Email and Password boxes with your WVDE login information.
  3. Click the Submit button.

WVDE Webmail Login Possible Issues

Using an updated web browser on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone will help prevent possible issues with the WVDE login process. If you experience any trouble with the login portal or Webtop page, update your browser or mobile application and try again. You may also need to adjust your security settings to allow cookies and pop-ups from the site and to enable JavaScript. If you need more information on the WVDE Webmail system, visit the Webtop page at https://wvde.k12.wv.us/. For assistance with your username or password, use the Forgot user name and/or password? link. You can also review the available documentation at the Webtop Documentation link.

Quick & Useful Information

With this handy walkthrough guide, you have the necessary instructions to access the WVDE Webtop system online or from a mobile device. These clear, easy-to-follow instructions make the process user-friendly. The following links will help you find the information you need to get started using the Webtop or WVDE’s other online resources:

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