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FedEx Login Guide

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If you often use FedEx services, then it is definetely worth it to make a FedEx user account. Through the FedEx user account you can track shipments, make online payments, schedule pick-ups, and receive discounts or FedEx services among other things. In this guide, we provide instructions for the FedEx login at Note that this guide provides instructions for FedEx user login, not FedEx employee login.

FedEx Login Step-by-Step WalkthroughFedEx login button

  1. 1. Launch your browser of choice and visit the FedEx official website. The address of the FedEx website is
  2. Select your country of residence.
  3. Once you reach the website’s homepage, navigate to the FedEx login section. You can find on the top right corner marked “Sign In”
  4. Provide your FedEx user ID in the first field of the FedEx login form
  5. Enter the password iof your FedEx account in the next field.
  6. Check the “Remember me” box if you want the site to save your user ID.
  7. To complete the login process, click the orange “Login” button.FedEx login form

FedEx Mobile Login Walkthrough

The FedEx website is fully optimized for mobile devices. It allows consumers to access their accounts via their mobile devices. They can visit the FedEx website through their mobile browsers or sign in via the FedEx mobile app.

Here are the instructions for accessing the FedEx mobile portal.

1. Open your mobile browser and reach the FedEx official site,
2. Tap the “Login” tab at the top right side of the landing page.
3. Enter your FedEx user ID in the first empty slot.
4. In the next field, enter your password.
5. Complete the FedEx login process by tapping “Login”

FedEx Mobile Login Walkthrough for Apple Devices

Follow these five steps to get into your account through the FedEx app.

1. Visit App Store on your iPad or iPhone and search for the FedEx iOS app.
2. Download and install the FedEx app on your mobile device of choice.
3. Open the FedEx app.
4. On the homepage, tap the “Login” button. It can be found on the left side of the page.
5. Enter your user ID and password in the empty fields provided.
6. Tap the Login button to complete the FedEx login process.

FedEx Mobile Login Walkthrough for Android Devices

1. Visit Google Play store and search for FedEx Android app.
2. Download and install it on your device of choice.
3. Open the application and press the “Login” button on the left side of the page to access the FedEx login form.
4. Key in your FedEx user ID and password in the fields provided.
5. Hit the “Login” button to get to your FedEx account.

FedEx Login Possible Issues

The FedEx website requires your web browser’s pop-up blocker either be disabled or configured to allow as an exception. You can disable it temporarily while accessing your FedEx account, then revert this setting afterward.

The site uses cookies to perform optimally. Therefore, ensure that cookies are enabled before accessing your account. If you can’t remember your ID/password, the “Forgot your password or ID” link offers self-guiding reset prompts to help you recover these details.

Quick and Useful Information

These are the simple steps that you can follow to access your FedEx portal via your PC or mobile device. If you encounter other problems when signing in to your FedEx account, call FedEx customer support at 800-463-3339.

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